The Ultimate To-Do List

Picture is actually from 2014 NYE, but it seemed fitting here!

Picture is actually from 2014 NYE, but it seemed fitting here!

I’m not writing down New Year’s Resolutions this year.

I’ve decided – instead – to create a list that puts all my other to-do lists to shame: This is my combined “30 before 30/Cville Bucket List/Farewell America Tour.”

These upcoming milestones inspired my list:

May 17, 2015 – After two years, my husband Michal graduates with his MBA from Darden. I end my time working at the Women’s Center at U.Va. We leave Charlottesville, our home for the past two years and say farewell to our friends.

August 1, 2015 – We move to Seoul, South Korea! At the end of December 2014, Michal accepted a job offer. We had other options, but we decided to take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, as we’ll probably only be abroad for around three years.

September 16, 2015 – I officially say goodbye to my 20s. This last milestone isn’t as life-changing, but it’s still a significant moment to celebrate!

Based on the above, I brainstormed the following. (Disclaimer: Some of these items are less exciting than others, but I’ve included them in here because they’re either activities I’ve wanted to do for a while – or I just need to do them anyway before we move.)

Before leaving Cville:

  1. Visit all the breweries on Cville’s Brew Ridge Trail.
  2. Check out the hot springs in Bath County.
  3. Use my education benefit from U.Va. to take a class. -> Signed up for PR classes this semester
  4. Go cross-country skiing or snow tubing.
  5. Visit a cidery and meadery and do tastings.
  6. Go to a First Friday.
  7. Try out the remainder of restaurants I’ve bookmarked on Yelp for Charlottesville.

 Before leaving U.S.:

  1. Do a cross-country road trip.
  2. Hike national parks that Michal visited as a child.
  3. Go back-country camping.
  4. Go rock-climbing outdoors.
  5. Finish our wedding scrapbook. -> We’ll be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary this year! So it’s about time I complete it!
  6. Finish my Chicago scrapbook. -> After two years of moving away from the area, I at least have all the photos printed.
  7. Finish the Cville photo book. -> My close friends through the DPA and I have started to pool all our photos together from the past two years into a Shutterfly account. This one is actually the closest to being done!
  8. Cook a meal for my mother-in-law.
  9. Update my resume and LinkedIn profile -> Apply for jobs!
  10. Sew a T-shirt quilt. -> I have a box of shirts I’ve been collecting to make one – probably more – of these.
  11. Go to one last Yelp Elite event.
  12. Try workouts I normally would never do because of their intensity, such as CrossFit or a BootCamp.
  13. Try a mashup workout like Piloxing or Aqua Spinning.
  14. Grow my hair out really long, then cut it all off and donate it to Locks of Love.
  15. Find another TV series that Michal and I can enjoy together, and marathon-watch it from beginning to end. (The Wire is really the only show that we’ve ever both enjoyed watching together on a regular basis.)
  16. Sell/donate/throw out all of our belongings.

Before turning 30:

  1. Learn a new language. -> It’s going to be Korean.
  2. Complete this Book Bingo. (Thanks for the inspiration, Esther and Maddie!)
  3. Go scuba-diving or snorkeling.
  4. Keep up with daily devotional reading.
  5. Research a charity whose cause Michal and I are both passionate about and make a pledge.
  6. Try cooking one new recipe a week.
  7. Visit the Philippines with my parents, brother and Michal.

Want to join me on doing any of the above? Or got a suggestion for me to add to the list?


7 thoughts on “The Ultimate To-Do List

  1. I’m excited (but also a little sad) you’ll already be in Korea for your 30th! As for TV series you can binge watch together: I suggest (if you haven’t watched them already) Mad Men, Dexter or Weeds!

    • Thanks for the TV show suggestions, Esther! I’ve watched a bit of Dexter, but haven’t watched Weeds or Mad Men yet. Michal and I look forward to trying these shows out, as you were the one to suggest The Wire to us and we LOVED that show! 😉

  2. Wow! What exciting changes and such an awesome list!
    If any of your camping items or cross-country trek brings you to L.A. area, I would be happy to join or host you. Just let me know dates with as much notice as possible.

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