Holiday Highlights


This collage represents my fav events in Charlottesville related to the season, such as holiday parties, cookie exchanges and volunteering.

Before returning to our families in our home state of Michigan, Michal and I did some celebrating in Cville. Plus, I was in the area a little longer than Michal because he was on Job Treks (trips to different U.S. cities that showcase specific companies B-school students could apply to), so I decided to keep busy until my vacation officially started. 

*Cookie cravings: I used to attend a close friend’s annual Cookie Day with her family back in high school in which we would bake or decorate cookies all day, so when some DPA members decided to hold a similar type of event, it felt like a blast from the past. I’ve never been much of a baker, so I went the safe route with Oreo balls and chocolate-covered pretzels for our cookie exchange.

*Dress to impress: I am always a sucker for holiday-theme parties, and this year was no exception. In one week, I had a work event at UVA President Sullivan’s Open House, a more casual get-together with Section B’s first (hoped to be annual) Ugly Sweater Potluck and Darden’s formal Holiday Ball benefiting the charity organization, Building Goodness in April. All these events had pretty distinct dress codes, which Real Simple magazine defined in an issue I received last month.

*’Tis the season for giving: While temp’ing for UVA’s HR, I served dinner with fellow co-workers at the local non-profit, WorkSource, which provides job training and employment to adults with developmental disabilities. I also helped make dinner with my church’s young adult group at PACEM, a shelter in downtown Charlottesville. Lastly, a friend in social work who I met through the DPA also directed me to to find other service projects and volunteer opportunities for beyond the holiday season.

If you’re a partner of a prospective Darden student and are wondering  what to do when your student is studying for exams and prepping for job interviews, you can at least look forward to some activities as described above!

Got other suggestions for the holidays, or want to ask questions about these events? Please comment below. 


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